Submitting your ETD


Congratulations on completing your dissertation or thesis! We are honored that you are publishing your work with us. ProQuest Dissertation Publishing has been publishing dissertations and theses since 1938. In that time, we have published over 2 million graduate works from graduate schools around the world. We make this collective resource available to researchers in libraries through ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database. After it is published, your work will become part of this important repository.

ETD Administrator is a site for students to submit their ETD (electronic thesis or dissertation) for publishing.

The following diagram illustrates the path a submission can follow. Click to enlarge.

ETD flow

Here is a summary of the process:

Providing Publishing and Contact Information

Publishing Information

Selecting Traditional Publishing or Open Access Publishing PLUS

These options allow you to decide how your dissertation/thesis should be published and distributed. For help determining which option to select, view our Publishing Guides.

After selecting a publishing option, we will ask you to review and accept the corresponding publishing agreement.

Note that this is a non-exclusive agreement; ProQuest does not require exclusive distribution rights.

Reviewing and Agreeing to Your School's University Agreement

Institutions have the option of including their University Agreement as part of the ETD Administrator workflow. Generally, this agreement will ask for your permission to include your dissertation or thesis in your school's institutional repository. If your institution opts in to this feature, we will ask you to review and accept your school's University Agreement.

"I want my work to be available as soon as it is published"

"I want major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo) to discover my work"

You can indicate whether or not you want your dissertation/thesis to be available to search engines such as Google. If you select "No", your work will be available for discovery only by users of ProQuest Dissertations & Thesis.

Please note, however, that internet search engines are likely to find your dissertation or thesis through other access points, especially through the library or institutional repository at your graduate institution. If you truly need exclusion from search engines, you will need to petition for restriction at your graduate institution in addition to restricting such access through ProQuest.

"I want my graduate work to be sold by third party retailers in addition to ProQuest"

You can indicate whether or not you would like your dissertation/thesis to be available to third party retailers. If you select Traditional Publishing and select "Yes" to this option, you will be eligible to receive royalty payments (see Traditional Publishing agreement for more details).

Contact Information

Your contact information allows ProQuest to contact you with any questions regarding your submission, and to send you any royalty payments.

Note: If you are unsure what your 'permanent mailing address' will be consider providing your parents' address or another permanent address.

Providing Information About Your Dissertation/Thesis

Dissertation/Thesis details

This page allows you to add details about your degree and dissertation/thesis. Abstracts, subject categories, and keywords help other researchers discover your dissertation/thesis in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses.

Abstract formatting: You can format an abstract using formatting codes to control how it appears (for example, making it bold or superscript).


PDF files are used for publishing. To ensure that a dissertation/thesis is published as intended, please review your PDF before uploading.

Supplemental Files (optional)

You can submit supplementary materials (such as audio, video, and spreadsheets) that are part of your dissertation or thesis. These files will be made available in ProQuest when your work is published.

Supplemental file requirements:

Notes (optional)

You can include a note to your graduate school administrator. For example, you may want to write a note if you have a patent pending and need to delay the release of your work.

Submission & Payment

Before submitting your work, you can optionally choose to register for copyright or to order copies of your dissertation/thesis. Note: this is optional.

Register U.S. Copyright

If you would like ProQuest to register for United States Copyright for you, you can request that here. A fee will apply.

Order Copies

If you want copies of your dissertation/thesis, select the type and quantity here. Your copies will be shipped approximately 8—12 weeks after we receive the dissertation/thesis from your graduate school.

If you have questions about the status of an order, please contact Dissertations Support.


Submit your dissertation/thesis when all required steps have been completed.

A list of the items you selected (including copies, copyright fee, publishing fee, etc.) will display for your review. You will be prompted to pay any applicable fees.

After you submit, your dissertation/thesis will be sent to your graduate school administrator for review.